A Conversation with Louisiana DOTD Secretary and AASHTO President Dr. Shawn Wilson

“One of the significant advantages of serving as AASHTO president is that it gives me a platform to address issues that matter,” says Dr. Shawn Wilson.

Dr. Wilson is the Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development and was elected AASHTO’s first African American president in October. During his tenure as president, Dr. Wilson will be facing ‘issues that matter’ head on. Each year the incoming AASHTO president identifies emphasis areas that will be the focus of their term; Dr. Wilson’s emphasis areas are Pathways to Equity and Partnering to Deliver. He, along with AASHTO Vice President Roger Millar of Washington State DOT, will work with AASHTO and the states to promote equity and to encourage participation in non-traditional partnerships.

Listen to AASHTO’s ETAP Podcast

Dr. Shawn Wilson

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