Former Florida Transportation Secretary Ananth Prasad on Infrastructure

For nearly four years Ananth Prasad served as Florida’s Secretary of Transportation. More recently, he’s been a senior vice president and National Transportation Practice Leader at HNTB. At the end of 2016 he wrote an op-ed piece on investing in the nation’s infrastructure. Five months into the Trump Administration he talked with Transportation Radio about where things now stand and some factors to consider on how to allocate that money.

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Ananth Prasad, PE

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HNTB Survey Looks Into Why Americans Use Transit

It’s not always available as a choice, but when it is millions of Americans choose to use public transportation rather than drive. HNTB just released “Why Americans Use Public Transportation” and it examined why they are making that choice. Michael Townes, HNTB’s transit sector market leader and a senior vice president, spoke with Transportation Radio about the survey beginning with an overview.

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Michael Townes

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