ITS Canada Prepares for 2017 ITS World Congress

In less than a year the ITS community will be focused on Montreal when the ITS World Congress is held in the city. ITS Canada is the host, but long before the event  the organization has brought together industry and public agencies to advance intelligent transportation in the country and to represent its interests internationally. Chris Philp of CIMA+ serves as the Chairman and CEO of ITS Canada and he spoke with Transportation Radio about what’s happening with transport technology in Canada.

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Chris Philp



NJ Turnpike Authority Uses Technology to Help Manage Two of the Busiest Highways in America

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority runs both the Garden State Parkway and the New Jersey Turnpike. The two toll roads have a variety of tools that are used to keep traffic running smoothly and to help respond when things go wrong. Barry Pelletteri is the CIO for the Turnpike Authority and he talked with Transportation Radio about the agency and how they’re using technology.

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Barry M. Pelletteri




Cummins and Indiana Rail Road Demonstrate New Tier 4 Locomotive Engine

Cummins has been testing their new QSK95 locomotive engine with the Indiana Rail Road since last March. On Wednesday, the two companies provided media representatives an opportunity to see the diesel engine at the Indiana Rail Road’s Indianapolis terminal. Transportation Radio was there and spoke with Jim Trueblood, Vice President of Cummins Large Engine Program to learn more about the engine and then talked with Wayne Wiza, the General Manager, Mechanical for the Indiana Rail Road about their experience with the locomotive.

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Jim Trueblood



Wayne Wiza




Ex-Lehigh Valley Railroad Employee Revisits Train Line on Amtrak Autumn Express

While there were approximately 1,300 people on the Amtrak Autumn Express this weekend, one woman had a special reason to take the train. Jeanne Remmel of Coopersburg, Pennsylvania once worked for the Lehigh Valley Railroad. The Amtrak train traveled along parts of the old LVRR in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Transportation Radio spoke with Jeanne about her experience.

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Jeanne Remmel

LVRR Logo.jpg

Amtrak Autumn Express Brings Passenger Train to New Lines for a Weekend

For the fourth year in a row, Amtrak’s Autumn Express brought passenger trains to lines that haven’t seen such service in decades. The fourteen car trains were filled with people eager to see the countryside and excited to travel places they can’t go. Chris Jagodzinski, Amtrak‘s vice president of operations, sat down with Transportation Radio on board the train as it raced across the fields of Pennsylvania.

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Chris Jagodzinski  (photo courtesy of John DiPietro)



Amtrak Autumn Express in Lancaster, Pennsylvania